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Affordable Furnace Installation & Replacement in Point Edward

Keep your home warm and comfortable this Point Edward, ON winter when you choose Lambton ClimateCare for your furnace installation needs. Contact Lambton ClimateCare today to schedule an appointment today!

An important part of being a homeowner in Point Edward, ON is keeping your home protected in every season. When it’s hot out you want a quality air conditioner and when the temperatures drop, you want to be sure your furnace is working as well as possible. So what happens when your old furnace just can’t keep up? These systems are not known for being cheap, which is why many homeowners opt for rent to own programs. While this may seem like the affordable option, once you factor in confusing terms and the possibility of hidden fees and charges, it may not be the best choice for you.

At Lambton ClimateCare we offer our customers a better solution – CLARITY by ClimateCare. This affordable option gives you the flexibility or low monthly payments with the added protection of a top-rated warranty, and consistent payment terms you can count on.

How CLARITYHelps Your Home

CLARITY by ClimateCare is designed to help normal homeowners like you
It keeps costs down while adding the essential protection you’ve always wanted for your indoor appliances. Some of the added perks of the program include:
Clear Pricing Unlike rentals, your payments do not increase on an annual basis. Once it’s paid, it’s paid.
No Money Down No down payment is required for installation – that’s what we call hassle-free service.
Top of the Line Products Gain peace of mind knowing your furnace will work efficiently for years to come.
One Stop Resource Whether you need to replace your air conditioner, furnace or water heater, we have you covered.
Routine Maintenance Enjoy regularly scheduled maintenance visits by local HVAC experts. That equals peace of mind for you!
No Surprises Your subscription covers the cost of equipment and installation and includes 12 years of parts, labour and service.

Our Furnace installations

Save You More Than Money
While we keep costs down for our homeowners, we also help them save on their monthly expenses. Our top-rated gas furnaces are designed with state-of-the-art-features that improve overall performance, while also helping you lower your energy costs. This means added savings on top of reliable performance and customer support. Some of these unique technologies include:
  • ENERGY STAR® certification for improved energy performance.
  • 96.0% Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency rating improves savings year over year.
  • Designed to consume 85% less than your standard unit.
  • Insulated blower reduces noise for added performance.
  • Award-winner smart thermostat included with every installation for added convenience

Combine your new furnace with a water heater, and you can enjoy even more savings in your home.

A furnace installation You can count on

At Lambton ClimateCare our customers come first. By providing the best services, we know that you’ll be 100% satisfied with your next installation. Some of the perks that come from working with us include:
Top-Rated Furnaces
We use the best furnaces with our installations that improve performance and energy savings.
Long-Lasting Coverage
Your installation includes 12-year parts and labour warranty for added peace of mind.
Personalized Solutions
We custom-tailor all our services to your home and family for a quality solution every time.
Need a furnace installation in your Point Edward, ON home? Contact us and enjoy personalized solutions at unbeatable prices.

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