You Won’t Find More Qualified AC Repair Anywhere.

Does your air conditioner:

  • Struggle to keep the house cool?
  • Make strange noises?
  • Get louder the longer it runs?
  • Get icy whenever you turn down the thermostat?

Is something else out of whack?

Reach out to a member of our team for a quick and convenient AC repair appointment in Lambton County.

The best ways to avoid expensive AC repair.

Repairs are more expensive than some of the alternatives. If you want to avoid a repeat of your recent repair work, we suggest:

  • Reduce your risk of ever running into an AC repair situation with a WeCare Maintenance Plan subscription. Regular inspections and maintenance catch any impending problems before they get serious. Plus, you get a discounted rate on any repairs in the unlikely event something breaks down.
  • Subscribe to a WeCare Protection Plan, which covers the cost of repairs and maintenance. It’s more expensive, but it’s the best insurance against any unforeseeable incidents.

What does regular air conditioner maintenance get me?

A maintenance plan covers the complete suite of services required to keep your furnace in great shape. A standard maintenance call from one of our expert technicians includes:

  • Thorough cleaning of the air filter, or replacement if required.
  • Drain cleaning.
  • AC coil and fin cleaning.
  • A coolant level check.
  • A top to bottom mechanical inspection.

Regular service minimizes the chance your family will need a costly air conditioner repair.

Sometimes repairs are unavoidable. Even if you subscribe to our basic maintenance plan, you still receive repairs at a discounted rate.

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With a protection plan, your family is fully covered.

A protection plan covers the same service as the maintenance plan, plus additional coverage when it comes to repairs:

  • All parts are included (with a few rare exceptions).
  • All labour is included.
  • We wave any after-hour service cost.
  • Priority booking for service and repairs.

Call for AC repair or to sign up for your maintenance plan.

Manage your air conditioner repair costs in Lambton County the best way you can.

Contact us to book an AC repair appointment or to find out how affordable your customized protection plan will be.

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