Don’t Let Your Family Breathe Contaminated Air

UV Air PurifiersMost homeowners don’t know the air inside the house is often more hazardous than the smoggy air outside.

Modern homes are more airtight than ever before, which helps you save on heating and cooling, but fresh air doesn’t cycle through the house as regularly as it does in an older home, so contaminants within the house stick around, and get worse.

How bad can our indoor air quality be?

Poor indoor air quality:

  • Makes respiratory problems like asthma much worse.
  • Leaves us more susceptible to colds and lung infections.
  • Reduces the lifespan of your home furnishings.
  • Leaves you feeling generally uncomfortable at home.

Health and respiratory problems are even worse for elderly homeowners and infants in contaminated homes.

Indoor air quality is impacted by filtration, ventilation, humidity and temperature consistency.

All it takes is a quick phone call and a member of our team will help find out the best way to improve your air quality, fast.

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Want to eliminate 99.3% of contaminants?

Of course you do!

Most homes harbour hundreds of unique contaminants in the air. It’s not always the dirty door handle at the movies making you sick. Contaminants around the house cause 50% of all illnesses.

So how can you get rid of all that junk in the air?

A combination of these systems can help you get a cleaner, healthier home. Talk to one of our expert technicians for an idea of what might work best in your home.

And while you’re at it, replace that old carbon monoxide alarm with something you know works.

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