WeCare Maintenance Plans Protect Your Home Air Conditioning

Save 20% on Air Conditioner Repair When You Sign Up For One of Our WeCare Maintenance Plans

Air Conditioner Maintenance PlansSave 20% on all air conditioner repair by subscribing to a WeCare Maintenance Plan.

Families rely on their home cooling systems heavily through the summer, and keeping up with regular service does 2 things:

  • Helps you to avoid the hefty expense of unexpected repairs.
  • Helps to ensure you’re getting the most efficient performance from your unit.

Seasonal maintenance is more important than most homeowners realize. It’s the best way to manage your cost of ownership over the long term. And by subscribing to a plan with us, you save 20% instantly on all repair work.

How does a maintenance visit help manage my expenses?

Maintenance visits, included in your plan, help you avoid the serious expense of an emergency air conditioner repair by:

  • Cleaning or replacing the air filter, allowing your equipment to move air more easily.
  • Vacuuming any buildup in the drain.
  • Cleaning of the AC coil and fin, to keep your AC running efficiently.
  • Checking of the coolant levels.
  • Full inspection of all other moving parts.

Once our technicians are through, they will have completed a 22 point air conditioner maintenance checklist.

Regular maintenance minimizes the necessity for repairs, but sometimes, as systems age, small repairs might be required. Under our maintenance plan, any unexpected repairs are discounted by 20%.

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How does an extended Protection Plus Plan give me more?

A Protection Plus Plan covers everything the Maintenance Plan does, plus additional coverage:

  • Coverage of all parts (with minimal exceptions).
  • Coverage of all labour (a huge savings for you).
  • No annual maximums.

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